What are the benefits of working with Xerious ATM?

Zero Investment - 100% Profit: As businesses owners, the first thing we usually consider in any decision is the associated cost. Therefore, it’s important to us that we never ask a business owner for a single cent for any of our standard services. That means that it will never cost a business owner money to have a Xerious ATM set up and operate at any location. On top of that, businesses that use Xerious ATMs get a healthy share of the profit that the ATM generates. Unlike ATM companies who have a static profit share that does not take into account the traffic to your location, we reward businesses that have a greater level of traffic with higher profit share rate.

More Traffic to Your Location: We use a wide variety of advertising platforms (at our expense) to drive customers to our ATM machines and to your business. For instance, using Google Maps, we set up a location for each ATM machine which helps customers locate our machines. This means that people with cash are going to be coming to your business who may not otherwise do so, growing your company’s local awareness and customer base. In addition, we use social media to promote our Xerious ATMs and drive the most traffic to your business.

Expert Service: Our ATM machines are managed by trained professionals that inspect each ATM on a regular basis to ensure perfect functionality so that you and your patrons are able to access cash at all times. This guarantees that our business represents your business with the utmost professionalism.

Los Angeles Focused: Our business was built by and for Angelinos. Focusing only on local businesses allows us to provide a unique concierge service tailored towards LA’s unique environment and culture. We are designed to be a clean, green, and efficient ATM company.

Keep the Customer: Cash is King. Whether owners know it or not, many customers want convenient access to cash. When customers need an ATM, they usually won’t ask owners if they have one, they’ll simply look for the sign and go elsewhere if they don’t see one. This is why some businesses do not know that they’re losing valuable clientele who want or need an ATM. When a person (with money) enters your business you want to convert them into a customer as efficiently as possible. Having an ATM provides an additional service to people that make your business more valuable and many people who use ATMs will actually spend a portion of what is withdrawn at the business, thus creating a customer.