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Free Placements include:

  • Profit Sharing

  • Xerious Concierge Service

    • Delivery, installation, programming, regular maintenance, and cash vaulting is done by professional technicians to ensure service & security

  • ATM Signage to ensure high visibility to the customer.

ATMs For Locations

Xerious proudly supports small & local Los Angeles businesses in need of a money machine by providing them with a secure and accessible ATM.  Included is our Concierge Service which means delivery, installation, programming, regular maintenance, and upkeep are all free of charge. Together, we'll select the best spot within your location to place the terminal(s) and what the surcharge should be. Maximize your floor-space; ATMs only occupy about four square feet of area.

Requirements are:

  • Secured location with high foot-traffic & visibility

  • Electricity (120 VAC, 3.5 Amps)

  • Dedicated internet or phone line (mobile options available)

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